Life in the UK Test training/Ilford/East London

Life in the UK Test Preparation

We are happy to support you to pass the life in the UK test.  We will ensure that you are fully prepared before being registered to take the tests. This test is not done within our centre but we will support with the preparation. We are located nearby Pearson test centres  and will register you to do the tests once you are ready.  The training will include being supported to pass the English language test hosted by Trinity College London at one of their 3 locations and also preparation training for the life in the UK test.



Costs include Preparation training and also free course materials –  £280

​Life in the UK test preparation training and free course materials – £280 – based on an assessment

  • Note that it is likely that you may also need to take the A2 or B1 SELT test and we can support you to prepare for these at our Ilford Branch in East London
  • These A2 or B1 SELT exams can only be taken at one of Trinity’s Exam centres in London but the training is done on our premises
  • We will also book the Life in the UK test for you. If you do not wish to sit the test here in Ilford locally to us, then we can book the exams at a location closer to your home

Trinity B1 or A2 Test Preparation is also available


  • All on the same premises (your Life in the UK test preparation and your B1 or A2 test preparation)
  • Possibility of being assigned the same tutor for one to one support for both life in the UK preparation and also the B1 or A2 test preparation
  • Free Training  materials for Trinity B1  English Language SELT test – Speaking and Listening
    You will be well-prepared to take both the Life in the UK test and also the English, Speaking and Listening test at one of Trinity’s 3 locations

NB: You will need to pay for the A2 or B1 test preparation separately – See details or A2 test for Visa Extension  Additionally, see details here if you require the B1 test preparation:


Based on your current level.
Please ask about evenings and Saturday classes.


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Partnership Work

We are happy to work in partnership with Solicitors and external partners. Please contact our Business Development team on 0203 475 5499 to discuss how we can support your clients.