Free Courses for 16-18s NEETs

I am not in college and is unsure what to do next!

Please book an appointment to see one of our consultants for a discussion. We have a variety of choices for you if you are age range 16-18 or became 19 after August 31st. We are a small private college that can take care of your needs.

If you are not a fan of every day classroom settings, please come and see us as you can have access to work placements and or learning in a more practical setting.

I will be leaving CARE soon – What course is available?

We have a variety of courses available for you including:

  • Life Skills Training
  • Training for Independent living and so on

I am an at home teenage mother – What can I do?

Our goal at Learners Progress College London is to provide support to our learners and potential learners to ensure that every opportunity is made available to ensure access to education. If you are an “at home mother” and is living in London, we can support you to continue your education. You should not be missing out. We have the resources to cater for you. We support teenage mothers with their education. You can still complete courses even though you are a teenage mother. Yes, we do have courses for teenage mothers.

Do I have to wait until September to start?

No, you do not have to wait until September to start your course with us. We enrol throughout the academic year. You can begin straight away.

I am currently in CARE but is not in education!

If you are currently in care or leaving care and is not in education, please contact us as we would be able to help.
We can also cater for your individual need as we offer bespoke training. We will work with your Support Worker or Social Worker to design a programme for you.

I am currently with a Youth Offending Team

If you are currently with a Youth Offending Team and is not in education, please ask your link worker or support worker to contact us for an appointment. We can design a programme to cater for your needs.

Currently not in college but would like to go to Uni

It would be our pleasure to support you with this as we strongly believe in learner progression. We deliver courses and qualifications to support your transition into university. Please see our university page for more information. Read more….

Interim Education

We provide interim education for young people who have been excluded out of school or is awaiting a school placement. Our Community Outreach Programmes have proven successful in getting Young People into employment, education or training.

Education for 16-18s who are not in College

We are a team of qualified Teaching, Support staff and Educational Professionals who will work above and beyond to support young people into work, apprenticeships via well recognized Vocational, Employability skills and Functional Skills qualifications. We provide courses for NEETS as well.

We will also support young people to University by supporting with Applications and UCAS references. It does not matter what grade they have received from their recent exam or their predicted grades, we can provide support to improve these if they are not in education. Learner progression is our passion! See below for the courses currently on offer which range from level 1 to level 4.

  • A levels
  • GCSEs
  • Life skills for independent living
  • Business Administration
  • Touch Typing – Touch type and gain that professional speed
  • Employability Skills
  • Functional Skills – Maths, English and ICT
  • ESOL- Skills for Life
  • ESOL – Spoken English for Work
  • Health and Social Care
  • Childcare
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Teaching Assistants)
  • Customer Services
  • Construction Knowledge
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Work experience Programmes
  • Many Many more Courses are available
  • See our course programme page for more details…..

Pre-Employment Training


We work with young people to secure appropriate Work Placements and we strongly believe in “up-skilling” as a tool for success. Pre-employment training is now being requested by most employers who are happy to take on a young person.

We use our bespoke system to train our young people on  how to “add value to an organisation”, how to “cope within the working environment” and most importantly we prepare them so that they can fully complete their programme which is vital for retention, achievement and by extension overall success. By and large, we work with each of our learners and work in collaboration with employers throughout the entire process.

Free Courses For 16-18 Year Olds.


Valuable Work Experience

Specialists in Supporting 16-18 year olds into Work and also supporting Employers with up-skilled staff to “add value” to their organisation. We are aware that employers need an efficient work force to drive change, to foster growth, to be competitive in the market, subsequently, all 16-18s are well prepared to “add value” to an organisation.

Other Students Feedback/Testimonials

Our students normally value their experience with us and some of the feedback can be seen on website. See the 16-18 testimonial section on our website. Read more as some of our learners share their experience..

Employer Engagement

We are currently seeking additional employers who are willing to take on an Apprentice or offer a place for work experience.
Please contact us on 0203 475 5499