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Trinity College B1 English Test Preparation Support

Meeting TfL B1 English Language Requirement

 Are you planning to take your test at one of Trinity College Exam Centres in London and need support to prepare?   If yes, please see details below on this webpage.
Are you planning to meet TfL’s English Language requirement by taking the test with us? if yes, please follow this link that will take you to our PCO Licence and English Language support portal

We are happy to work in partnership with PCO licence companies, Cab companies and external partners. Please contact our business development team on 0203 475 5499 to discuss how we can support your clients.  We are on hand to offer Trinity College B1 English Test Preparation Support or an alternative.

A member of our team would be happy to visit you or your organisation for a one to one discussion. Contact us now to move things forward!!

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that all new applicants, and existing private hire drivers applying to renew their licence for the first time since the introduction of this new requirement, must now meet the equivalent of a B1 English language requirement.  

Trinity’s ISEI (B1) Secure English Language Test (SELT) has been approved by TfL for this purpose.  

We are a listed SELT Course Provider by Trinity College London to deliver the preparation training and our team of staff are on hand to provide this support to you in very small group settings or via one to one support based on your needs.   Our teachers/trainers are experienced and have also acquired training from Trinity College London.  We went through additional training and will pass on our knowledge to you.  The exam techniques are very important and if you are not well prepared you will find the process challenging hence please set the foundation by coming to see us for support.  We can certainly help.  Contact us now for an appointment on 02034755499. 

Fee includes TRAINING/Preparation materials and EXAM booking 
NB: You will have a choice to sit the B1 exam at one of Trinity College London Centres in London.  Three Locations are available for you to choose from(Holborn, Croydon or Hammersmith). We will book this exam for you based on your choice of location.(We can prepare you to pass this B1 exam which are made of 4 components – Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. We are a registered B1 Preparation centre by Trinity College London to deliver this training. 

How will you be Trained/Supported?

 You will be trained in a very friendly environment and will be assigned a consultant who will be your contact person(liaison) throughout your training
  • One to one support based on an assessment 
  • Small group sessions 
  • Extra support by appointments where required 
  • It is important that you are aware that we will ensure that you are well prepared so that you can attend the actual exam with confidence 
Prices above include:  Training/ Preparation/Exams booking – This will depend on your current level which will be determined following an initial assessment.  
Duration:  Depends on your current level – Will be discussed with you following an assessment 
An alternative for you
If you do not wish to sit the exam at one of Trinity College Centres, you can choose an alternative option. View here….


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