Our 19-24 Youth Provision

Our  Aims /Objective – 19-24 Youth Provision ​


  • We ensure quality in our service delivery to our learners through vigilance in risk management and quality assurance processes
  • Work collaboratively with the local community to ensure that young people and adults are supported on to programmes to enhance their progression
  • Promote “trust” in all our dealings as this is critical to a positive working relationship
  • Work in partnership with employers to engage young people and adults into society

Who are involved

A network of employers who share our passion and zeal in supporting the unemployed into work.

We are very  passionate about re-engaging young people back into society through various channels. Each Young person is assigned a Personal Advisor who will support them on their programme. They will also be supported with an Employer Engagement Officer  who has the responsibility to support them into employment or work experience. Refer to Courses & Programmes.