Message from Our CEO

It is with great pride and pleasure that I welcome you to Learners Progress College. We are passionate about Curriculum Designs and Development and have implemented quality systems and protocols to ensure your success whether you are embarking on a programme within our college, online via e-Learning or securing work placement through our committed recruitment team.  We also welcome our undergrads and graduates who are completing their pre-employment training and CPDs, equipping themselves for work. Employers are indeed sourcing staff who are trained to add value to their organisations. Our bespoke support gives us competitive advantage and you will also have similar benefits.

16-18 and 19+ Adult learners

We promise to give our best to our learners and their “progression to the next level” is vital to us thus our commitment.  We know the importance of engaging them academically and economically and we will continue to achieve this with the support of not just our enthusiastic and qualified workforce but with the collaborative support  of parents and external partners. Our learners will be encouraged to achieve and will be supported effectively.

The Un-employed

We have been having success in supporting the un-employed into paid work, voluntary work and so on and share their joys and positive experiences when there are evidences of job outcomes after training. I applaud my team for their continued support in delivering nothing else but “Excellence in their service delivery”

Distance Learning

​“I did a part of my Masters (MBA) on line and found it extremely difficult due to the limited and most times lack of support from course tutors and Advisors.  The classroom based aspects were by far more productive, however, I do appreciate that some learners are unable to access this format of blended learning hence opt for distance or online training. Subsequently, as the CEO  of Learners Progress College London,  I have worked with the Curriculum Management and Delivery Team to ensure quality in our service delivery on our online or distance learning courses which of course separates us from the crowd in a very saturated market.

​We aim to deliver first class service. Our course team will ensure your satisfaction and success. In keeping with our Quality Assurance Policy, we will endeavour to respond to your queries within 24 hours. Thanks for having confidence in us.  Rest assured, we will deliver and over deliver on our promises.

Those of you who are enrolled on our course programmes, we will endeavour to work with you to progress . We receive positive responses from our students and are confident that we will receive the same from you.

Thank you.
Chief Executive

(BA, MBA, PGCE, Assessor and IQA)