CSCS Cards, Training and Tests – Ilford

Are you anxious about gaining your CSCS Card?

We are more than happy to support you to pass the health and Safety test so that you can acquire your CSCS card.

Will I be in very large groups?

No, you will attend sessions based on your current schedule. You will receive one to one support from your tutor.

How long will the training take?

This all depends on your progress and your availability for training.  We would normally have you ready within less than 5 days or more but it all depends on your current level.  We will carryout an initial assessment and will be able to determine the duration based on the results.  Each individual’s situation will be different.

We have flexible hours and will also ensure to cater for your needs.

How will I be trained/supported?

  • You will be trained in a very friendly environment and will be assigned a consultant who will be your contact person(liaison) throughout your training
  • One to one support based on an assessment
  • Small group sessions when required
  • Extra support by appointments where required
  • It is important that you are aware that we will ensure that you are well prepared so that you can attend the actual exam with confidence

Bonus – Support with  DBS Application Process

  • We will also support you with your DBS application
  • We will complete the paperwork for you and will also do the online submission as well
  • Very quick turnaround period with our DBS applications
  • Competent staff is on hand to provide support
  • Your DBS reference number will be provided on the same day


Free for 16-18s
​£250 for 19+ learners – This includes:

  • The Health and Safety Awareness Training
  • Training for the Health, Safety and Environmental Test
  • The cost for the Environmental Test and booking
  • The cost for the card
  • Revision Pack
  • Regular Practice tests – Mock exams

Available sessions

Sessions are available:

Mondays – Fridays – 10am to 8pm
Saturdays – 10am to 3pm
Therefore, you can book your appointments within these slots.  You can book from 1 hour sessions upwards.


Ilford branch
3 Oakfield House