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R.Begum –East London, 2015

Learners Progress Academy & Recruitment Services was really good. I got the outcome. The process was smooth. Members of staff were nice. I am now in my desired Business Admin role. I would recommend the service to others.

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L.R  – East London, 2015

Learners Progress Academy was very smooth and efficient. The staff were very informative, helpful and the company was really organised. I was pre-trained for work and now I have gotten a job through them from Junaid Tariq, a staff from the Recruitment team.

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A. L (June 2015)

Catering Assistant – East London ‘It was a great service! It was a good and quick turnaround process in terms of training and Job outcome. Leaners Progress Academy & Recruitment Services is different from the rest. The staff is friendly, caring and supportive and always there to assist. I did my interview and registration on a Tuesday, followed by […]

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